About us

UGotBox is one of Ecom Eglobal projects, a company owned by PFI, the investment arm of Egypt Post, which success in following a digital and comprehensive transformation in its services is continuously expanding. Eglobal is backed by over 20 years of Global eCommerce experience, with UGotBox as our first project, we are aiming at providing more efficient, transparent, and hassle-free integrated online solutions.

Get everything you shop in one box. International shopping has never been easier. UGOTBOX is a one-stop-shop solution for shopping and shipping from international online stores. We deliver all your orders from multiple online retailers from the U.S.A to Egypt, in one single box, saving you the extra charges.

We offer you a cost-efficient, transparent, and hassle-free online shopping solution backed by over 20 years of Global eCommerce experience. Our aim is to provide you with a secure, automated, and pleasant shopping experience.

UGOTBOX eliminates the frustrations many customers face when checking out on multiple U.S. websites, as well as the high cost of shipping direct from stores. We facilitate the consolidation, shipping as well as the customs clearance processes. By making every process entirely automated, we ensure that our customers are always in the loop, and are able to track and know all expected fees upfront through push notifications.

Our vision is to expand our service to include other markets beyond the U.S to enable our customers to literally shop the globe from the comfort of their own homes.

Shop the Globe! UGOTBOX, the world is your marketplace.

our values


Giving access to many international markets.


Utmost safety and security with every transaction are guaranteed.


Committed to delivering a pleasurable customer experience every time.


No hidden fees, all details are provided upfront.


Instant notification with live updates every step of the way.